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Bildermann’s Bamboo – Moldings

  • Flush Mount Vents

    Bamboo flooring flush mount vent registers are used to cover heating/ac ducts to make your floor transition smoothly within your home, with no interruptions of unmatched flooring pieces.

  • Quarter Moldings

    Bamboo quarter round, also called bamboo shoe mold, is used to cover the lowest part of the wall and act as a transition between the floor and the wall, often used in conjunction with matching baseboard.

  • Reducers

    Bamboo reducers are used when transitioning from our bamboo flooring to a lower surface such as vinyl or short carpet. If the floors are an even height, a T molding is more suitable.

  • Risers

    Bamboo stair risers are the vertical piece of the stair step; they

  • Stair Nosing

    Bamboo stair nosing is used to transition a bamboo flooring staircase up a level in your home, or on staircase landings or floor stepdowns. Also known as bamboo bull nose or bamboo bull nosing.

  • Stair Treads

    Bamboo stair treads are the section of the stair case that you set foot on, and can be used to take your flooring up, or down, to another level. For those projects that require a more finished look, we also offer stair treads with rounded sides.

  • Threshold

    The purpose of the bamboo threshold is to place a beautiful transition at the end of our bamboo floor. These are most commonly used at the front door or sliding glass doors.

  • T-Molding

    Bamboo t-molding, also known as a T Mold, is a type of molding often used to transition into a kitchen or bathroom that has tile or another material.