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REGUPOL acoustics Overview

Resolve Noise, Vibration and Crack Isolation Issues

IIC Impact and STC Airborne Sound Transmissions

Major Causes for Noise Transfer
Short Circuiting – No Decoupling – Flanking

REGUPOL sonusclips SC100, DE90, SLC
Use in Floor/Ceiling & Wall Assemblies
Eliminate Short Circuiting
Eliminate Staggered Stud Wall Assemblies

REGUPOL sonus core underlayment
Install under Luxury Vinyl LVP/LVT…Glue-Down and Floating
Ceramic Tile & Stone, Carpet & Carpet Tile and Hardwood

REGUPOL sonus core and sonus curve underlayment
Install under Poured Concrete and Concrete Toppings
REGUPOL vibration and Regufoam underlayment
Use under Building Structures & Mechanical Equipment

REGUPOL soundpanel
Free Floating Subfloor System designed to absorb airborne sound
Dissipate structure-borne sound and vibration.

Offer outstanding damping and Natural frequencies as low as 7.5Hz
Used in a variety of applications including foundations, HVAC equipment, machines, pools, gyms and rooftop decks

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